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Change is challenging on any level, but going through a Divorce is change on steroids. Everything in your life as you’ve known it, both good and bad, is all subject to being new and different. This can be very overwhelming. Add in the feelings of being unsure of the future, it’s enough to make even the strongest of people weak in the knees so please know you’re not alone. It’s awkward and unsettling to think that the person you previously thought would be by your side is now someone you have to keep at arms length and set new ways what the relationship will look like. If you have children you have to consider how this will work, not just to get through the divorce, but beyond as you co-exist as co parents. It’s important to set some goals or have some thoughts around how you can do this in as healthy a manner as possible. My Dad used to say, if you want to do a job right, you need the right tools. At Burgeon Mediation, we can help you improve your communication skills and develop strategies to deal with your emotions at any point during or after the conclusion of your Divorce. We will help you focus on what you can do today, to start building the life you want going forward, personally, professionally and romantically.

We offer 60 minute coaching sessions (this time may include the labor of the Coach to prepare documentation for you i.e. specific script ideas, help with emails, Resume Rewrite, etc) to support you through the process, which a tailored solution from topics such as but not limited to:

• Help finding the right divorce lawyer

• Help finding a mediator

• Dealing with your emotions

• Breaking the news to your children, family and friends

• Writing your story.

• Preparing your Financial Statement

• Creating a Budget

• Co Parenting Plan

• Discussion on settlement issues

• Developing the skills to help you create your new life moving forward.

• Goal-setting to help you reach that future

• Creation of a road map with specific steps to achieve your goals

• A private, nonjudgmental safe haven to discuss your reactions and feelings

• Assistance managing the paperwork that divorce requires

• Communications guidance with your spouse

• Strategies to help you respond in the moment in a manner that preserves your dignity and integrity

• Solutions to ease the impact of the divorce on your children

• Help anticipating and preparing for each unexpected problem

• Career Coaching, Resume Evaluation, rewrite

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Impartial Mediation Requirement and NON-LEGAL COACHING PLEASE NOTE:

• WE CAN NOT OFFER COACHING AND MEDIATION SERVICES! If you want to leverage our Mediation services with your partner, we need to remain impartial. As a Mediator, if we have delivered services, we need to maintain the presence and actual of being impartial



Each package is tailored to your specific needs and goals. You can pick from the above topics and we can develop a plan to touch on those points. We will ask that you honor yourself and your assigned coach by taking the homework and coaching serious. We also ask that you honor the process. What you put into this, you will get out of it and MORE!

• $1,800 for 12 sessions over 3 month

• $1,500 for 10 Day Intensive Boot Camp - this is an intensive 10 topics in 2 weeks. 1 hour a day

• $875 for 5 sessions over 3 months

• $200 for 1 hour.

NOTES: • To receive package rates, you need to pay or make payment arrangements in advance. If payments will be made over time, $25 fee will be added to each payment.

Payment can be made by check, money order, credit card, paypal or cash.

• Receipts are provided for all payments.

• The portion of coaching related to career coaching may be deductible if you are unemployed, if you prepare an itemized tax return. Please consult with your tax advisor for more information

. • Take advantage of our free half-hour offer for your initial consultation or your first session.